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From the time schools start to being constantly watched by administrators, ECTA students want to see change. Many students disagree with the stricter enforcement of ECTA policies. As much as we should respect these policies, we should also acknowledge the way it affects students. Ecta has too many high expectations and as a magnet school, we should not be punished as a whole because we have great academic students that should be trusted. We have gathered information from multiple surveys to understand the point of view of certain topics from students.

When coming to school, the best things for students are seeing friends, lunch, and leaving school. When it comes to the worst part students agree that it's arriving on campus and going to classes that they don’t understand. Going into more detail, students complain about having to deal with unfair actions from teachers. From being talked to poorly for asking a simple question to having to do activities in the cold for more than 15 mins. This leads to east tech students believing that ecta is not as great as it is made out to be.

We asked many students about their opinion towards the new grading system and we had different responses. Out of the 23, there were 12 students that had negative feelings towards the grading system because it affects their work ethic. Students agree that teachers don't teach as well as before and some assignments don’t make sense to students since they’re split up into summatives and formatives. Not all students think the grading system is bad, 5 out of 23 students have commented that the grading system is easier because it helps them manage what assignments are important and are being graded for. The other 6 out of 23 students didn’t mind the grading system but wouldn’t be opposed to having the old grading system.

A big question we asked students was what can ecta change to be a better school for the students. The majority (20 out of 23), were individuals who said that the school needs to develop more trust within students. Students suggested that the way they can do that is by communicating more, having less surveillance over students making them feel like they’re in a prison, and having more community activities. Overall, students feel like the school should communicate more with them so that we can improve together and stop the division going on between teachers and students. The other 3 out of 23 suggested athletic activities in the school.

In conclusion, students have decided to make their voices heard. The big question is, is ECTA willing to make those changes. Once those changes are made it can create a better relationship between students and teachers. We all play a part in making a better change and better environment in our school. 

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Do you know what is going on today on the road to the World Cup Finals? Many people don’t, that isn’t a problem we will help you understand what is going on and keep you up to date on the latest World Cup news. Many teams that have done good in past World Cups have not performed as well, this is where the science of soccer comes in. As new, young, inexperienced, talented players come into playing for their nations, old experienced legends exit. This transformation of players has really hurt some countries on their World Cup qualifiers performances, some of the countries with the highest amount of talent in the world are currently in a form of playoffs because they didn’t qualify in their normal group stage. Some countries keep their older players instead of giving their younger talent an opportunity to support their country. This transformation of players is one of obstacles in going for the World Cup trophy. 

Qualifying for the World Cup is one of the hardest parts to becoming the World Cup Champions, so far, many surprising things that not many people have expected what has happened. Countries with some of the best talent are having to go to playoffs because they did not do well in the group stages. Of those teams only a few will make it to the World Cup. Many of those players getting the second chance will not play another World Cup or get called up to the national team. Unfortunately, some of those players are past their prime and will not play another international tournament after the 2022 World Cup.